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New Housing Kilbarchan Renfrewshire


Kilbarchan is an ancient settlement which grew from about 1740 into an important hand loom weaving centre, extending in long informal terraces along four main streets.

The proposed site is the former ‘backland’ plot of Habbies Bar, and comprises three new family homes. A single detached house is sited within the backland plot, and two semi-detached homes form a new street edge to the northern perimeter of the site. Understanding of the challenging topography and context, the layout and house plans are carefully designed so that there are no habitable rooms proposed within 9m of any boundary, whilst also ensuring that each home has adequate amenity daylight/sunlight and privacy.


The external building envelope and landscape designs are simple and respectful of the vernacular architecture and typology of the Kilbarchan conservation area, and seek to make a positive contribution to the surrounding streets and neighbouring homes.

The development provides barrier free and level access to all new buildings, provision for people with disabilities is inclusive, not separate.




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