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Alterations to a Conservation Area Cottage Aberlady East Lothian


Our client needed to extend their home to accommodate a growing family. Set within a conservation village, several previous application's had been rejected by the local authority. Working closely with our client, Paterson Architects worked on a series of options to find an approach acceptable to East Lothian Planning Department, but which also provided the accommodation our client required.

The building was wrapped in a new layer of highly efficient external insulation and rendered with a high performance coating. Existing windows were replaced with double glazed units, vastly improving the existing structure’s thermal performance, wind and watertightness, but maintaining much of the buildings original character and appearance.

Whilst the opportunities for significant remodelling of the existing interior were limited, the existing trussed roof beams were removed and replaced with SIPP’s panels to create extra volume, accommodation and light. A local craftsman and furniture maker was commissioned to provide all joinery in Scottish Oak, including stairs, doors and wall linings. Despite the interiors relative simplicity, this craftsman touch lends the new spaces real character and warmth.

Structural Engineer David Narro Associates Main Contractor Reywood Construction


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