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Artists Studio + Residential Extension, Darlington


The principal objective was to deliver the extra space required by our client. A new artist’s studio, extension and alterations to the existing kitchen.  


We reviewed and tested a number of options and found that the best solution required utilising the existing garden space to provide the light conditions and space that the new studio required. 


The challenge was to integrate this new accommodation into its established suburban context.


The solution that emerged as the design evolved was the reorganisation of the existing garden into a new courtyard space organised and articulated by the new structures. 


Unified in detail, proportion and material the new courtyard is a pleasant sun-filled place, between work and home. 


The studio itself is divided in to two workspaces, high and low, both specifically intended to create distinct but complimentary volumes with their own particular qualities of light, and atmosphere. 


Structural Engineer David Narro Associates Main Contractor R M Richardson Construction Darlington Ltd


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