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Port Seton East Lothian

Located to the east of Port Seton, the existing building is a detached 1930’s single storey bungalow which over time has been extended and altered in an ad hoc and unplanned manner.


The clients wished to update and modernize the existing spaces and create a new extension.


Three primary steps are proposed to open up the spaces to sunlight and views.

  1. Reconfiguring the existing layout at the ground floor to create a new entrance and hall space.

  2. Extend the existing structure outwards to the side with the addition of new living area and;

  3. Upwards to the rear with new bedroom accommodation.


Thermal performance will be brought in line with or exceed current standards where practical. This will ensure that the occupants will enjoy the optimum comfort conditions in their refurbished home.


The proposals were consented in December 2022.

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